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Clara van Gool receives Honory Award

KeyFilm congratulates director Clara van Gool on her prestigious Honorary Award which she received last night on the International Dance Film Festival Choreoscope in Barcelona, Spain. The award was given to Van Gool by choreographer/performer Jordi Cortés Molina, with whom she is currently working on her first feature The Beast in the Jungle.

The festival on the Honorary Award
The reason why we started the "Honorary award" category is, because we felt the need to honor all those professionals (filmmakers, choreographers, dancers, researchers, academics, developers a.s.o.) who have a genuine impact on dance film in particular, screendance in general, but also on film and dance history. As a festival, we feel the need to contribute and create more context and more dialogue around this genre (dance film) and all the amazing artists and professionals who work in it.

Previous editions
This is the third Honorary Award, after Spanish director Carlos Saura and DV8´s Lloyd Newson. Choreoscope recognises Clara Van Gool´s indisputable trajectory as one of the most important filmmakers currently working in the dance film genre.

Clara van Gool

Clara van Gool’s films thrive on the border between fiction and a form that is usually described as ‘dance-film’. Early films Reservaat (1988) Courzand (1993), Bitings & other Effects (1995), Exit (1996) and Reimerswaal (2004) are highly visual stories that are expressed through movement, dance, mise-en-scène and montage.

Her work includes successful adaptations of dance performances for the screen: Enter Achilles (1996), by the renowned English group DV8 Physical Theatre won the International Emmy Award of Performing Arts (New York 1997) followed by the award winning Nussin (1998), Lucky (2001), Up at Down (2003) and Coup de Grace (2011).

She experiments with different narrative techniques in fiction, documentary, video installation and commercials. One False Move, (2011) Between 2 Houses (2006), Passing Future (2001); Zikr (1999), video installation: Little Sister (2010) . In Voices of Finance, she explored the use of movement and text in a “docudance” based on the Banking Blogs by Joris Luyendijk, published by The Guardian. A hybrid style she currently pursues in her first feature The Beast in the Jungle, an adaptation of the novel by Henry James.

13 November 2017